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Nancy K. Napier
Vietnam. Image by Fré Sonneveld


Xin Chào (sin chow) / Hello! 

Distinguished Professor Emerita at Boise State University (USA), and a former Adjunct Professor at Aalborg University (Denmark) and at the National Economics University in Hanoi (Vietnam), N.K. Napier teaches strategy and creativity, coaches executives and leads Boise State Executive MBA residency to Vietnam. 


Napier co-created and hosted Idaho Business Matters on NPR’s local affiliate (Boise State Public Radio), was a regular guest on KTVB Channel 7’s Noon News, and wrote for Forbes Vietnam. She continues to write columns for and the Idaho Statesman. Her long-time work as a teacher, researcher, and writer has led to several awards, including a Medal of Honor and a Medal of Friendship in Vietnam.


After 35+ years in the academic and research world, N.K. Napier is embarking on something completely new: Fiction Writing, which offers her the joys and challenges of being a beginner again, with opportunities to do in-depth historical research and fact-checking to create fun new worlds and characters.

Author Nancy K Napier


Fiction Books

The Case of Too Many Deaths

A Mother Calls, A Daughter’s Life Turns Upside Down. A Mystery of Genetics and The Courtroom.

What does Emma know about her family? Not much, from the sounds of it. Rookie lawyer Emma Raddell’s estranged mother calls, begging her to help exonerate an aunt on death row, who was convicted of killing her four children twenty years before. Emma begins a wild chase to uncover how her aunt’s four children died—if she is to believe her aunt’s claim of innocence. In the process, Emma uncovers family secrets that could shatter her belief in herself. The story is a countdown of science research and courtroom drama.National Bestseller!

The Painter

What happens when a naive curator from Vietnam discovers art crime that affects both her own family and her country?


Author N. K. Napier
Việt Nam Books

The Bridge Generation of Việt Nam: Spanning Wartime to Boomtime

The Bridge Generation was born in northern Việt Nam between the early 1950s until just before 1975. This group's lives spanned three critical time periods in Vietnam’s recent history: from wartime, through a long period of food rationing, to the boom of a fast growing economy. Many are now among the top business, governmental, and educational leaders of the country.


What We See, Why We Worry, Why We Hope: Vietnam Going Forward

What we See, Why we Worry, Why we Hope: Việt Nam Going Forward explores key factors that affect Vietnam's ability to move forward as a global economic player. While we see challenges, we also see many reasons for hope, including a new generation of leaders.

Organizational Creativity & Innovational Books

Unfolding Curiosity: Wrinkles and Surprises from Business and Beyond

Unfolding Curiosity: Wrinkles and Surprises from Business and Beyond is a collection of quick reads that look at the “usual” with a slant. For relentlessly curious people, the idea that we can learn from fields far beyond their own disciplines is normal, to be expected.


LIVEculture: How Creative Leaders Grow The Cultures They Want

Many leaders undervalue the power of culture as a competitive advantage. Don’t make that mistake. In an easy to read, easy to understand format, LIVEculture offers tips from successful creative leaders on how they shaped, communicated, and grew the cultures they wanted for their organizations.


Wise Beyond Your Field

Do you want to boost your organization's performance? Outperform your peers? It may be as simple as looking outside your own field. Wise Beyond Your Field shows how creative leaders use ideas from far beyond their own fields to do things differently and outperform their peers. 


The Creative Discipline: Mastering The Art And Science Of Innovation

Why are some organizations more creative than others? What sets innovative, high-performing organizations apart? Can creativity and innovation be learned and enhanced? The answer to the last question, say creativity experts Nancy Napier and Mikael Nilsson, is a resounding yes.


Insight: Encouraging Aha! Moments for Organizational Success 

Insight: Encouraging Aha! Moments for Organizational Success helps individuals and organizations create the conditions that lay the groundwork for the distinct "Aha!" instances of insight―when connections between different pieces of information are revealed and ideas come together in ways that have never existed before.


Nancy is a professor, inspiring speaker and national bestselling author. 


As there are several topics with rich content that Nancy shares with audiences through a mix of fresh ideas and deep expertise, she merges energy and enthusiasm to empower and embolden any audience. 


If you are interested in learning more about how Nancy would be an ideal fit and inspiration for your audience, please reach out to us today.

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“I started dividing my to-do list into 1) things I have to do, 2) things I want to do, and 3) things other people want me to do. Life changing! I often don’t get to #3 and I finally realized…this is what it means to have boundaries.”
~ Jenee Desmond-Harris

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