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How I Woven Together Science, Law, and Human Nature In My New Book.

My upcoming book began with a small news article about a legal case in Australia that got me imagining. What if a woman convicted of killing her four babies decades ago and still proclaimed innocence might indeed be innocent? What if some newly available research could help? That became an entry point for A Case of Too Many Deaths. To write it, I needed to weave together the intricate worlds of genetics investigation and courtroom drama. To be as realistic as possible, I had to learn about both the scientific and legal realms and unravel the genetic threads of justice to create a narrative that would leave you, the reader, craving answers to a decades-old mystery.

The story follows Emma Raddell, a rookie lawyer, as she receives an unexpected call from her estranged mother, thrusting her into a labyrinth of family secrets and legal challenges. At the center of the storm is Emma's mysterious aunt, convicted of a heinous crime: the murder of her own four children. As the aunt's execution date looms ominously, Emma embarks on a quest to unearth the truth, battling a formidable legal system while questioning her own family's history.

The story unfolds against a backdrop of conflicting testimonies and a chillingly solid expert witness. The legal battle to secure a mistrial or new trial for her aunt becomes an uphill struggle, intensified by the weight of the past and Emma’s impatience and foolhardy challenging of the system. Enter a retired Scottish librarian and a world-renowned geneticist, who join Emma on her quest for truth. As layers of the past are peeled away, the narrative takes an unexpected twist, revealing the profound impact of genetics on the case.

To write A Case of Too Many Deaths with precision and authenticity, I had to delve into the complexities of the real genetic investigation, highlighting the cutting-edge research that has emerged around the world.

I tried to reveal the evidence so you could piece together clues and revelations that come at just the right moments. A Case of Too Many Deaths also focuses on the intricate tapestry of family dynamics. Emma's relationship with her mother undergoes a transformation as hidden secrets come to light.

In A Case of Too Many Deaths I challenge you to think critically, question assumptions, and engage with a story that transcends the boundaries of genre. Be prepared to be captivated by the dance between science, law, and human nature—a dance that ultimately leads to the revelation of shocking truths and the redemption of lives long shattered.

Nancy K. Napier

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